Let’s Play Metroid: Other M with Mister Tanooki [Part 10]

The first part of Mister Tanooki’Metroid: Other M Let’s Play is out now! It’s his first time playing a game in the series, so expect unbiased thoughts on Team Ninja’s interpretation of Samus; along with a healthy dose of humour. You can watch the début episode above, and keep track of the latest episode below. Continue reading


Watch us play a handful of Game & Wario’s single-player mini-games


Game & Wario has finally hit Europe, as the first Nintendo-developed Wii U game since launch titles New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. If you’re still undecided about picking up the latest wacky Wario mini-game collection – or if you’re looking to waste a few minutes over the weekend – you can check out some footage from the game’s first seven stages: Arrow, Camera, Ski, Patchwork, Kung Fu, Design and Ashley. Continue reading