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It’s almost Nintendo Invader’s fourth birthday, and it’s time for a change.

I started the blog back in March 2011 when I should’ve been revising for my GCSEs, and wrote a few things every now and then. As the site gained momentum, posts became more frequent, and a few people jumped on board to help with content.

Things were looking good, but then I ended up with a ‘real’ job, and finding the time to dedicate to writing became harder. Aside from a few reviews, content sadly grinded to a halt late last year.

Now, instead of focusing on increasingly irrelevant news posts that pop up in near-identical format across the hundreds of fan-sites and blogs, I want to try something new!

That’s where the Nintendo Invader Newsletter comes in!

There’ll be no copy-paste press releases, generic lists of the week’s eShop downloads or click-bait articles. Instead, we’ll be focusing on the good stuff – the stuff you want to read.

We’ll do a round-up of the coolest Nintendo news, summarise the best new releases, and look ahead to games on the horizon. As we get established, we’ll also cover the best places to get your hands on amiibo, feature your fan-art, and go the extra mile to deliver bonus issues whenever a wild Nintendo Direct appears.

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Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Final Day)

Hello, and welcome to the final day here on Destiny Island. We’ve had a look at a few things the game has to offer, but what we haven’t seen a lot of is the emotions that Tomodachis feel after and during certain events. First, we’ll look at what happens when residents fall out with each other. Fall outs come in two forms, minor arguments and massive fights, although neither seems to affect their mood towards each other after. If two residents have a minor argument you’ll be able to tell as they’ll be giving off steam and have a mean look. Things can be sorted out rather easily by just talking to the resident and telling them to make up or apologise.

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Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 6)

We’re nearing the end of our time here on Destiny Island, so let’s make the most of it with a trip to Leisure Island! Leisure Island has different attractions at different times of the day: a Magic Show in the morning, Tomodachi Quest in the afternoon and at night and the Evening Market. I haven’t been able to see the Magic Show yet but I assume it sticks to the game’s zany atmosphere.

 photo HNI_0058_zpsb42fa1b0.jpg Continue reading

Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 4)

It’s a new day and once again we return to Destiny Island. Today we’ll be looking at a few of the mini-games you can play with your islanders and what the rewards are. Starting off is the game Catch, in which the Tomodachi will drop an item from the top screen and you have to grab it on the bottom screen. It sounds easy enough but the timing can be quite tricky and the resident will often try to trick you, by using string as a bungee cord or by distracting you with speech. You get to keep whichever item is dropped.

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Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 3)

Welcome back to the third day of Tomodachi Life. Yesterday we took a look at a few of the things you can do on the island and some ways in which you can interact with your residents. We’ve still only really scratched the surface of what this game has to offer and in order to unlock more we need more islanders. This is where Nintendo Invader writer Kezz comes in!.

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Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 2)


Hello, and welcome to the second day of Tomodachi Life. Yesterday we placed Martyn and myself on the island and opened up some new areas to check out, including the Town Hall and the Fountain. The Town Hall is where you go to create new Tomodachis, import them from the Mii Maker or scan them in with a QR code. You can also create a QR code of one of your own Tomodachis and this carries over their clothes and personality if scanned in to someone else’s game. The Fountain holds different events throughout the day such as a Morning Market and Rap Battle. Each morning residents will go to the Fountain and hand in donations so it’s definitely a place worth checking regularly.

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Blog: Nintendo and the “Patch Crutch”


I recently played through Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, released on June 14th in North America exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 3. I began my play-through on June 19th, 5 days after its release. The game was fun enough, but I had a lot of problems with random glitches in different areas, such as guards not appearing until I got up from my crouch, rendered characters dying on a navy blue, flat background, impossible-to-climb ladders complete with buzzing characters, and a wonderfully floaty axe head. When I brought this up to my friend, he said that I had probably run into the problems because it was early in the game’s release, and the game ran much smoother after the released patches. That got me thinking. You shouldn’t have to patch a game to polish gameplay after the game has been sent to the public. Nintendo releases clean, polished games over and over again, is Nintendo ever going to give into the “patch crutch”? Continue reading

Blog: “Software Only” Statement is Nintendo’s Morale Boost


Very often, as I’m sure many of you do, I find myself reading an awful lot of video game news. With the current console wars undoubtedly going to go down as one of the most fierce in the history of the industry, it’s imperative to keep up with any kind of breaking news that’s being released. Sony’s Jack Tretton murdered the Xbox One at E3, and Microsoft repealed all of their restrictive policies. It’s fiery. There are factions forming on all sides, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft being on the forefront. Continue reading