Hidden Triforce uncovers rumours surrounding a Zelda Wii U appearance at E3


The upcoming Legend of Zelda was revealed rather unconventionally last year, with Nintendo bigwigs Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma showing off early footage late last year. Its 2015 release date has already been pushed back to next year, and Nintendo had previously iterated that the game would not be making an appearance at E3 next month.

However, an anonymous GameStop employee has been in touch with Hidden Triforce, claiming to have heard murmurings from the insides of Nintendo itself. And if he’s to be believed, it seems that another trailer will be shown off, along with some official artwork, during the company’s E3 presentation after all.

Nintendo changed their mind as in attempt to sustain momentum for their Wii U console.”

Hidden Triforce has more supposed Zelda Wii U tidbits, plus a few details regarding a potential Metroid reboot for Wii U, an online multiplayer mode for the upcoming Star Fox game, and more. Check out their article here.


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