New Nintendo 3DS hardware now available for purchase for selected Club Nintendo members

New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition

The New Nintendo 3DS handheld is now available to selected Club Nintendo members across Europe, until 12th January.

Nintendo of Europe sent out a confirmation e-mail to eligible members earlier today:

“We’d like to thank you, one of our most loyal customers, for all your support. To show our appreciation, we’re offering you the chance to purchase New Nintendo 3DS now, and get it before the official European launch”

The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition bundle includes exclusive cover plates, a 4GB MicroSD card and a charging cradle. Plus, Nintendo is keen to remind us of the hardware’s additional control options (C-stick and more shoulder buttons), its improved 3D viewing angles, and the faster processor, allowing for a “whole new handheld gaming experience”.

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive said e-mail, you’ll know that the bundle is available for £180 or €200, until 23:59 UK time on Monday 12th January. You’ll want to get your orders in fast, as it’s already been spotted on eBay, with sellers asking for extortionate prices.


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