How is your Wii U menu organised now that folders are a thing?

The latest Wii U firmware update has brought along a number of changes and enhancements to its operating system, on top of the usual stability updates – the most prominent being the addition of folders on the Home menu.

Simply tap an empty space and you’ll be asked if you’d like to create a folder, which can then be used to house up to sixty software titles. Which brings us to the question: how is your Wii U’s Home menu organised?

I’ve gone for a simplistic (and slightly OCD) approach, and shoved everything – bar system settings and the Wii menu – into its own categorised folder, in which each software title is arranged alphabetically.

PS: And while Nintendo’s tinkering with the Wii U’s user interface, why not get rid of that unsightly Nintendo TVii icon from the Home menu in regions where it does nothing but present us with an error message?


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