Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Final Day)

Hello, and welcome to the final day here on Destiny Island. We’ve had a look at a few things the game has to offer, but what we haven’t seen a lot of is the emotions that Tomodachis feel after and during certain events. First, we’ll look at what happens when residents fall out with each other. Fall outs come in two forms, minor arguments and massive fights, although neither seems to affect their mood towards each other after. If two residents have a minor argument you’ll be able to tell as they’ll be giving off steam and have a mean look. Things can be sorted out rather easily by just talking to the resident and telling them to make up or apologise.

Massive fights however take a bit more time to get sorted out. You’ll first notice it when you see two islanders throwing things at each other relentlessly. If you visit them like this you’ll find them in such an enraged state that they’ll be burning up their apartment. This is backed by a screaming guitar tune to highlight the anger within. After a while a separate resident outside of the two fighting will say that they should do something about it and go help them calm down.

On the happier side of things however, residents can also fall in love with each other. You’ll be able to tell quite early who a resident is going to fall in love with as they’ll spend lots of time in their apartment or inviting them over. You can choose where the islander will tell them their feelings and what they will do. This includes locations like the beach, the music theater and the Observation Tower. You can make them do some pretty funny things too, like sing an original love song. If successful you’ll find your lovers spending a lot more time with each other. If unsuccessful you’ll find your Tomodachi spiralling in to a state of depression. Lovers can break up as well which makes both of them depressed. This depression can be fixed by giving them gifts or by sending them on holiday – the easiest method. Going on holiday will show you some picturesque locations from all over Europe.

You can also view made up flashbacks of memories the couple had when things were better. These are hilarious to watch and it may be worth sabotaging a relationship just to see them.

If a couple works really well together they can even get married! There’s only been one marriage on my save so far and that was between Kezz and Evan. Proposing can be nerve racking as you have to tap the bottom screen whenever you see the partner thinking of the other. The timing can be tricky as what the partner thinks of changes frequently so you really have to be quick on your toes. If it goes well you’re treated to a short wedding ceremony and then a photo montage of the honeymoon.

After the wedding you’ll unlock Mii Homes where you can watch the now married couple live and grow old together. They’ll still pop in to the apartments from time to time to visit other people and for you to give them items. After a couple is married they’ll also be able to have children.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of blogs on Tomodachi Life. There’s still so much this game has to offer that I wasn’t able to go over and it provides such a new and refreshing experience for tired gamers. This is the last you’ll hear of Destiny Island for now but maybe it will return in the future to speak about any updates or SpotPass items. Ciao!


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