Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 6)

We’re nearing the end of our time here on Destiny Island, so let’s make the most of it with a trip to Leisure Island! Leisure Island has different attractions at different times of the day: a Magic Show in the morning, Tomodachi Quest in the afternoon and at night and the Evening Market. I haven’t been able to see the Magic Show yet but I assume it sticks to the game’s zany atmosphere.

 photo HNI_0058_zpsb42fa1b0.jpg

Even though Tomodachi Quest is available in the afternoon and night you can only play it once per day. You control a party of four, randomly selected from residents on the island. They follow a path through a field, in to a cave and down in to the boss room. There are at least three battles each time but if you make a mistake on which way to go in the cave you will be tasked with more. The class of the Tomodachi depends on which personality group they fall in to. The different classes are typical RPG fare, Healer, Swordsman and Brawler etc. The boss is genuinely difficult as he deals lots of damage and a single Healer can only heal four times throughout the whole game. If you do manage to defeat it however you get an item that usually sells for lots of money at the Pawn Shop.

 photo HNI_0063_zps4f1f4ef5.jpg

The Evening Market lets you buy one lucky bag that contains three items. Each bag costs £50 and the rewards are never really worth it considering the price you have to pay for it, although there are enough rare drops to warrant buying from time to time.

 photo HNI_0072_zps61a85278.jpg

Leisure Island is also home to the Café which props up some of the funniest dialogue in the game. At random points there will sometimes be a Boys Meeting or a Girls Meeting which involves the islanders gathering round for a gossip. Islanders’ names are thrown about in random comments and nearly everything is worth screenshotting. However, lines do start to repeat themselves quite quickly so it’s best to only visit these meetings for small amounts of time.

 photo HNI_0066_zps754de89c.jpg

That’s all for today but make sure you come back tomorrow for our final day on Destiny Island. Ciao!


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