Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 4)

It’s a new day and once again we return to Destiny Island. Today we’ll be looking at a few of the mini-games you can play with your islanders and what the rewards are. Starting off is the game Catch, in which the Tomodachi will drop an item from the top screen and you have to grab it on the bottom screen. It sounds easy enough but the timing can be quite tricky and the resident will often try to trick you, by using string as a bungee cord or by distracting you with speech. You get to keep whichever item is dropped.

Next up is Wrestling, probably the easiest of the mini-games. All it requires you to do is tap on the bottom screen as fast as you can in order to knock over your opponent or remove them from the ring. It’s quite amusing to see at first but the fun eventually wears thin.

Cards is definitely the worst mini-game out of all of them. It involves you swapping cards with the opponent in order to get a pair, but most games can be won on the first move – and even if they go on longer, they still lack any real challenge or nuance.

The quiz games come in a few different varieties and these are probably the best of the bunch. They all share the same base mechanic of being shown three items and having to guess which one it is, but most of the time they can be quite hard to get right -and you will lose instantly if you get any of the three items incorrect. The most common quizzes are the Object Pixel Quiz and the Zoom Quiz.

If you successfully win a mini-game you will be presented with three different sized boxes. Prizes range from regular household items to some Nintendo memorabilia. These can then be sold at the Pawn Shop on the island for some high prices. If you lose one of the mini-games the resident will either give you a roll of toilet paper or a box of tissues.

That’s all for today but make sure you come back throughout the week for more updates on the goings on of Destiny Island. Ciao!



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