Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 2)


Hello, and welcome to the second day of Tomodachi Life. Yesterday we placed Martyn and myself on the island and opened up some new areas to check out, including the Town Hall and the Fountain. The Town Hall is where you go to create new Tomodachis, import them from the Mii Maker or scan them in with a QR code. You can also create a QR code of one of your own Tomodachis and this carries over their clothes and personality if scanned in to someone else’s game. The Fountain holds different events throughout the day such as a Morning Market and Rap Battle. Each morning residents will go to the Fountain and hand in donations so it’s definitely a place worth checking regularly.

When I returned to the apartments Mart asked me what he should say when he’s angry. Your Tomodachi will most definitely go through different emotions in their time on the island and the game lets you give them phrases to say for each emotion. These can be changed at any time as well, so no need to worry about being stuck with something you don’t like.

You can take screenshots at any point in the game by either pressing the X button to snap the top screen or the Y button to snap the bottom screen. If you take a picture of something and want to share it with your friends you can use the Nintendo 3DS Image Share web app and post the photo to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. This feature was used in Animal Crossing: New Leaf  as well but in that game you had to memorise the URL for the website. In Tomodachi Life you can go to the Image Share location on the island which will take you to the site instantly, no memorisation required. This is a great feature and really boosts the social aspect of the game.

Later on my lookalike went up a happiness level and the game let me give him a present. You can give them a song, a gift, a new house interior, a new phrase or some pocket money. I gave him a laptop since if this is really supposed to be me I know he’d start suffering from withdrawal symptoms soon…

After playing some more the Observation Tower opened up. My islanders are yet to use this but I know it holds the event Quirky Questions from time to time.

That’s all for today but make sure you come back throughout the week for more updates on the goings on of Destiny Island. Ciao!


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