Blog: Nintendo Invader’s first week in Tomodachi Life (Day 1)


Welcome to Tomodachi Life, Nintendo’s new life simulation game for the 3DS. You are tasked with populating the island with Tomodachis, Miis with personalities, and helping them with their day-to-day problems and social encounters. It’s a quirky title that many thought would never leave the shores of Japan but alas, here it is. Let’s get stuck in!

The first thing the game asks you to do is name your island. Being the massive Kingdom Hearts fan that I am, this was a no-brainer. I hope my Tomodachi enjoys living here as much as I would…


Second on the list is to make your lookalike. If you have a Mii ready you can import it straight from the Mii Maker but if you don’t the game has its own Mii creation tools, including the ability to create one with a photo. Once the Mii is ready you then have to give it a voice. It’s quite a surreal experience to see a virtual version of yourself stating facts about you. The next step is giving it personality traits, the key thing that separates a Mii from a Tomodachi.


There are 4 personality groups and each group is split in to another 4, making up to 16 different personalities in total. Once you have made your personality choices your new Tomodachi will be judged and given one of the 16 personalities.


After the creation process you’ll be shown the Mii Apartments. This is where you can observe your Tomodachis in their natural habitat as they socialise, fight and play games. When you first meet your lookalike the game will tell you that he or she is rather peckish and the best thing to do would be to buy them a snack. Now you can go the Supermarket, which changes its stock every day and sells foodstuff like pizza, crisps, jelly and some rather expensive fish and chips.


I gave my lookalike some crisps which he really, really liked. Crisps was added to his list of likes on the top screen and his happiness meter filled up. You can increase a Tomodachi’s happiness by giving them food they like, buying them clothes and fixing their problems. Every time the bar fills up you can give them a gift. My Tomodachi started to get a little lonely on Destiny Island all by himself so I whisked in the help of none other than Nintendo Invader’s very own Martyn!


Michael and Mart had a brief exchange and it filled up their happiness meter some more. After this the News Station opened up. The News Station will give you alerts on new places that have opened up on the island and this is presented in a short news flash scene including one of the residents.


That’s all for today but make sure you come back throughout the week for more updates on the goings on of Destiny Island. Ciao!


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