SEGA confirms its third Nintendo-exclusive Sonic title – Sonic Boom for Wii U and 3DS


As the third and final game in its exclusivity deal with Nintendo, SEGA has revealed that Sonic Boom is currently in the works for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

According to its début trailer, the handheld version is currently in development at Sanzaru Games (the team behind PS3 and Vita’s Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time), while a new studio formed by ex-Naughty Dog employees, Big Red Button Entertainment, is working on the high definition Wii U release.

Sonic Boom goes by the same name as the upcoming cartoon series, which is due to air in America later this year, and features the same redesigned characters and artwork – which you can get a glimpse at below:

What do you make of this new direction for the Sonic series? Are you pleased that it’s coming exclusively to Nintendo platforms, or are you wary due to development being handled outside of SEGA?

Also, what’s up with Knuckles-No-Neck?



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