First Impressions: The Girl and the Robot (Wii U)


It’s official! The Girl and the Robot has surpassed its $25,000 stretch goal, meaning a Wii U port is imminent! Whether it’ll arrive in the eShop alongside the Steam release has yet to be confirmed, although it’s hard to complain when yet another ambitious indie project is confirmed for the platform. If you’d like to support the devs further, there’s still another fourteen hours* for you to make a pledge here.


The Girl and the Robot is a third-person action adventure title currently heading to PC, Mac and Linux thanks to its Kickstarter supporters raising over $23,000. With less than one day remaining on the campaign, Nintendo fans need only raise another $200* to ensure a console-exclusive release on the Wii U eShop.

Developer Flying Carpets Games has clearly drawn more than a little inspiration from Nintendo’s own Legend of Zelda series here, making it a perfect fit for the eShop, with a blend of action and puzzles split between the two main characters: the girl, and the robot (unbelievably).

While the game is admittedly still in its early stages of development, what we’ve played of the pre-Alpha build leaves us with some positive first impressions. The game world is set out like one of Zelda’s dungeons, with various enemies and puzzles to contend with. The twist is that the girl can’t directly attack enemy robots, while both characters are required to work in conjunction with each other to operate pressure sensitive floor switches and the like, opening up access to the next area of the game. While simple in concept, certain puzzles from what’s presumably the game’s opening stages had us scratching our heads at least a few times.

The combat, too, is looking equally promising. While clunky controls hold it back at the moment, it’s a dead cert these will be tightened up before release, thus accommodating the potential offered by the robot’s sword, shield and bow. It’s no match for Link’s arsenal of gadgets, but it’s definitely a serviceable collection – and maybe it’ll be expanded come the final release.

The Girl and the Robot is certainly one to look out for then, even if it doesn’t wind up on Wii U. With that stretch goal oh-so close though, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the game’s Kickstarter page, check out the lush screenshots, and make a pledge if you want to see it released in the Nintendo eShop.

Many thanks to Flying Carpets Games for providing us with an early build of the game.

* correct at the time of writing


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