Level-5 releases a new trailer for Japan’s upcoming Inazuma Eleven GO games

For the unaware, Inazuma Eleven is Level-5’s football RPG series that has become a massive success in Japan. Since the original game’s début in 2008, it’s spawned animé, manga, toys, a trading card game and even three movies. However, this series has taken its sweet time coming to the West, as we are only getting the series’ third instalment this September. Meanwhile over in Japan, they will be enjoying the sixth games – Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy: Big Bang and Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy: Super Nova – before 2014.

This Japanese trailer shows off several new features and plot elements never seen before in the series. First off is the new space setting. Throughout the trailer there are snippets of locales that look awfully similar to planets, and one area seems to represent a space station. Next is the new ability to merge with animals and then summon them later on for devastating special techniques. Just at the end we catch a glimpse of a player running through a large shadow, before exiting with a slightly more evil and devilish appearance, which could possibly be a new plot element or a power that players will be able to utilise in matches.

As per usual we hear a bit of a new song from the band T-Pistonz+KMC, who have sung each game and anime episode’s opening.

There is no official release date at the moment but there’s plenty in this trailer to keep Inazuma Eleven fans excited.


One thought on “Level-5 releases a new trailer for Japan’s upcoming Inazuma Eleven GO games

  1. Please make new series till my death I am the best fan of inazuma eleven I have seen till inazuma eleven go galaxy and guys if there are more series then please reply me please and make new series please .

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