Nintendo reveals new 3DS hardware – the Nintendo 2DS

nintendo_2dsArriving on 12th October – alongside Pokémon X and Y – Nintendo’s lifted the lid on a third iteration of the 3DS handheld. Titled the Nintendo 2DS, the new system lacks a three-dimensional screen, the tried-and-tested clamshell design (which Nintendo’s utilised in its handhelds since the Game Boy Advance SP in 2003) and any sort of portability.

It’ll launch in two colours, ‘White + Red’ and ‘Black + Blue’ – and if you take a look at the first images below, you’ll see that it’s distinctly aimed at younger gamers.


External aesthetics aside, the firmware remains seemingly unchanged, with an exception being a little spanner icon in the top-left of the touch-screen, where the brightness settings used to reside. It remains compatible with all existing Nintendo 3DS and DS software, including eShop titles, retains StreetPass and SpotPass functionality (despite its inherent lack of portability), and comes bundled with an A/C adapter (something 3DS XL owners will surely envy) and a 4GB SD card.

The first online retailers to list the handheld are currently taking pre-orders for £110.


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