Brian “burnt out from porting” Provinciano bringing Retro City Rampage to 3DS


Following a seemingly endless development cycle, Retro City Rampage finally arrived on WiiWare earlier this year, trailing behind last year’s PC, PS3 and Vita versions. As we pointed out in our review, “it achieves everything it set out to achieve in a stylish manner, and is a must-have download for anyone that’s ever considered calling themselves a gamer” – and now it’s coming to a whole new audience on Nintendo 3DS.

That’s despite Brian Provinciano – Vblank Entertainment’s founder, developer and everything else – claiming to be “burnt out from porting” since the game’s release on five platforms and seventeen SKUs. And 3DS owners can expect more than a “quick-n-dirty port”, too, with a zoomed in camera, Retro+ enhanced graphics and touch-screen controls catering towards the 3DS’s unique capabilities, albeit the game’s lack of 3D on Nintendo’s handheld.

You can read more info from the developer here.



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