Monster Hunter Frontier G coming to Wii U in Japan

Monster Hunter Frontier originally released on PC in 2007, before being ported to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in 2010. Now this Monster Hunter MMO – or Massively Multiplayer Online – game is coming to the Wii U this December in Japan.

Since the game is an MMO it will have a monthly subscription. Players will need to buy a Hunter Life Course for 1,400 yen per month or a Beginner’s Package for 6,090 yen. The Beginner’s Package offers two free months of play, free equipment and other bonuses.

The director, Tatsumi Kimoto, spoke with Famitsu magazine and said, “The biggest asset of Monster Hunter Frontier G is how it provides a continually-evolving hunting experience for you to enjoy through its regularly large-scale updates. That’s a unique attraction, the way the game changes with each update through its new monsters, weapons, and armour.

“With Monster Hunter Frontier G being online only, you can enjoy the game with hunters from all across the country, and we provide a wealth of content that lets you interact and work together with them. For someone just starting, it’s packed with so much content that you’ll never be able to digest it all.”

The game is also being released on the PS3 but producer Kazunori Sugiura says that Capcom is wanting to do something special for the Wii U version. He said, “While we can’t make any guarantees, we’re discussing something fun that we could do with the Wii U GamePad or Nintendo 3DS,”

So far, the Monster Hunter Frontier games have only ever been released in Japan so chances are this won’t be arriving in our stores any time soon.


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