New Steel/Ghost type revealed for Pokémon X & Y


This brand-new Pokémon was revealed during the Japan Expo held in France. Named ‘Monorpale’ in French, and ‘Hitotsuki’ in Japanese, with an English name for the Pokémon confirmed to be ‘Honedge’. This makes it the first ever Pokémon of the Steel/Ghost typing. It’s been confirmed that it will be able to learn Swords Dance, with its size being 2’07” (height) and 4.4lbs (weight). When Honedge enters a battle, the sword-type Pokémon will unsheathe itself.


Here’s the official reveal video from game director, Junichi Masuda, where he talks about his inspiration for the Kalos region, and reveals the new Pokémon, showing off some brief footage.

What do you think of the new Pokémon, and the interesting combination of the Steel/Ghost type?

Source: Serebii


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