New games and features announced for Japanese Wii U and 3DS systems


While those of us in Europe were sleeping, Nintendo revealed and aired a Japan-exclusive Nintendo Direct Mini (or Chotto Nintendo Direct) for those in Eastern parts of the world.

As far as new games go, it seems Genius Sonority is pleased with the first two Denpa Men games’ sales overseas, as a third title in the downloadable 3DS series has been confirmed for Japan – packed with new features: including the exploration of multiple islands, each with their own types of Denpa Men for you to catch. You’ll also be able to build a house for your Denpa Men to live in, amongst returning features, such as importing your save file from previous games.

Also for the Nintendo 3DS eShop, but not quite a “game” in the conventional sense, is a Chibi Robo camera app: Chibi-Robo Live Action!. It’s an Augmented Reality-based mini-game compilation, which will see Japanese players using the 3DS cameras to collect real life items to use in the aforementioned mini-games.

On Wii U, Japanese players can expect two new TV streaming services to arrive later this year. The first is from YNN Network, and offer variety shows, dramas and the like, while Bandai Channel while offer a wide range of anime programming. There’ll be one final app for Japan, too: Demae-Can, which is a delivery service channel, allowing you to order food directly from the Wii U GamePad.

If you know Japanese, or just fancy watching the presentation for some nice footage, you can watch it here:

Would you like to see any of the above announcements localised for the West? Providing The Denpa Men and its sequel performed well over here, The Denpa Men 3 seems like the only certainty so far.

With that said, Wii Karaoke U by Joysound was confirmed by Nintendo of Europe just yesterday, so anything is possible.

Via Nintendo Everything


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