Global Link service for Pokémon Black/White to be put to sleep 14th January 2014


On Monday the official Global Link website had posted a notice regarding the services it has provided for hit titles, Pokémon Black and White over the past two years. The notice has stated that the service is set to be completely shut down for all Gen V games by January 2014, starting this October in preparation for a new and improved Global Link for use with upcoming titles Pokémon X/Y later this year.

The features currently provided by the service will all cease to continue over a three month period, starting this October, when after a 12 day period beginning at the start of the month, Global Link will open for a special X/Y version alongside the release of the game on 12th October. For Gen V however, Dream World will go offline on this day, along with new user registration being required. You will no longer be able to send your Pokémon to sleep after 10th December, and GTS tracking, Rating Mode, and Random Matchup will all go offline 14th January 2014 worldwide.

This news will be sure to sadden players who have previously used the service since its launch back in 2011, but there remains to be some good news for fans of the series playing online, as GTS, Free Rating, and all other in-game online features will continue to run. If you’d like to see the full list of features set to cease next year, check the official Global Link website here. We should also mention that certain statistics and achievements will carry over to new Global Link after registering with your existing username, so there’s something.

Are you a big user of the Global Link services, and if so, how does this news affect you? No news or plans has currently been revealed for X & Y’s new Dream World, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted with further details as they’re revealed.

Source: Pokémon-GL via Serebii


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