Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to “probably” feature a fourth character


When Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was revealed at Nintendo’s E3 Direct, we got a glimpse of a playable Dixie Kong who was first introduced in Donkey Kong Country 2. Now we have news from Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe that the new title will “probably” have one more character. Tanabe said, “We’re thinking that we’ll probably add one more character.” I’ll leave speculation up to you but let’s hope it’s not Kiddy Kong.

The director of the game, Risa Tabata, said that Dixie Kong’s abilities opened up new ideas for level designs. She says, “In the multiplayer, player one is Donkey Kong and player two will be able to select between either Dixie or Diddy. Dixie, as far as her characteristics or features, they’re pretty much the same whether it’s single-player or multiplayer.

“In either case, when her ponytail whips around, she’s going to give that extra lift. You’re still going to be able to have Dixie up here, riding on Donkey Kong’s back. Players are going to be able to choose – since she has the ability for that second jump and that hover, when you’re going through an obstacle, you may want to say, “Hey, we need to get through this. Let’s team these guys up and go together.” They can go separately as well, but that ability lends itself well to the levels that we’ve put together.”

So, which member of the Kong family would you like to see playable in Tropical Freeze?


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