New Miiverse update doubles post character limit


Miiverse just keeps changing, as it’s continuing to become an even greater place for Nintendo fans to get together and socialise. Even just a couple of weeks ago, a new update added the ability to share posts through selected social networks. You can also now access the community through your web browser, with Miiverse support coming to smartphones and even the 3DS in the future.

In the latest official announcement from Marty, the man who announces the latest updates in Europe, it’s been confirmed that the character limit of new Miiverse posts has gone up from 100, to a fairly-large 200, exceeding Twitter’s limit of a mere 140 characters per post. Now it’s just a case of what to do with the extra characters. You can now go into further detail about the game you’re playing, or use the extra characters to give your fellow Miiverse friends a helping hand when they’re stuck on a game, but you just can’t explain what you need to do through a single post.


If you’ve often complained about the character limit, does this news please you? What other improvements would you like to see added to Miiverse?



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