Angry Birds Trilogy landing on Wii and Wii U this August


Back in February this year, Rovio previously announced their hit-game Angry Birds Trilogy, which had already sold over 1 million copies across all released platforms, would be arriving on Wii U later in the year. Now the developer has announced the game will be arriving on Wii and Wii U on 13th August as a retail release in North America, while a European release date has yet to be confirmed.

The game was previously released on the 3DS and other consoles last year. The trilogy consists of the first three games: the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and popular movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio. Since the price of the trilogy will no doubt be much higher than the three mobile games separately, we’re surprised the package doesn’t contain any of the other Angry Birds titles, but the trailer for the trilogy does promise at least another 40 hours of gameplay, with Rovio also offering episode updates for the games as DLC.

While we’ve yet to hear of the exclusive Wii U gameplay features, we’d imagine the game takes full use of the GamePad’s touch screen, and will most likely be entirely playable on the GamePad itself, but anything’s yet to be confirmed.

Are you one of the few that have yet to try out the Angry Birds series, and will be picking the game up for your Nintendo home console?



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