Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies physical release still possible


Last month, we reported that the fifth game in the Ace Attorney series would be getting an overseas release. The downside of the news being that Capcom had only a digital release in mind, while Japanese buyers would be able to get their hands on boxed copies of the game. Though this was clearly good news for Western fans of the series, many were left disappointed over the fact that they wouldn’t be able to purchase a physical release of the game.

However, in a recent interview with Polygon, the game’s producer, Motehide Eshiro has stated that a boxed copy hasn’t been ruled out yet, people just need to show more of an interest in it. Another Capcom employee, US senior vice president Christian Svensson has since supported this, also revealing he would like to see the game released physically. Yet again, stressing that people must show enough desire for it to happen. He left a post over on the Capcom Unity forums, detailing how fans can make their voices heard if they would like to see a retail release:

If you’d like to be heard, you can post on this thread (I’ll leave it open), PM me on Capcom-Unity or hit up my twitter (@chrissvensson) as many folks already have. I need some additional ammo and these requests fit that need.

If things go well and demand is there, in a few weeks I may be able to present an option that puts the ball back in the fans’ court (in “tennis” terms, not “of law” terms). I want to stress the word “may” so as to not misrepresent the situation or promise anything. We are trying. Again, timing and pricing would be at a disadvantage to the digital option as an assumption you should make.

Well there you have it. You want a boxed version? Let them know! For all those who despaired over last month’s news, this is your chance. With enough support, we might just see a physical release of the game in the West yet. Until then, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will be available to download from the eShop this Fall in the West, while Japanese fans have only a month to wait to decide whether they’ll be purchasing a boxed copy or a digital download.

Source: CapcomUnity via Polygon


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