Third Sonic game not releasing this year, while Mario & Sonic 2014 has been confirmed for 3DS


Despite what we had previously reported, the third Nintendo-exclusive Sonic game will in fact not release this year. IGN’s Rich George had taken the time to discuss matters with SEGA, stating that the announcement made by the Nintendo of Germany PR was false after all. We feel that this can only be a positive thing, with the release of both Sonic Lost World and the Mario & Sonic title, we’ll be seeing plenty of the blue hedgehog this year, with more to look forward to on our Nintendo systems in the future.

Rich also had something to say regarding Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. After previously only being revealed as a Wii U title, Rich was able to confirm that the next instalment in the Mario & Sonic series will indeed receive a release on both platforms. Hardly surprising, but nice to get confirmation nevertheless.

Are you disappointed by the lack of the third Sonic game this year? Well you shouldn’t be, as this leaves room for further speculation. With the next entry in the Mario Kart series to be shown at E3, could this possibly mean a kart-racing crossover between Mario and Sonic is in the works after all, bound for a 2014 release? Things are getting interesting, and we have only a week left until Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation. We couldn’t possibly feel anymore excited than we already do.


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