Tetris to see a digital release in this week’s Nintendo eShop update (6th June)


This week’s big eShop highlight? Well, it’s none other than Tetris (known as Tetris Axis in the US), which was originally a retail release on 3DS. And what’s not to love? The 3DS outing is the same addictive puzzler at its core, featuring more content than the original game, while allowing a younger generation to experience the same block-stacking action that’s been around for a near staggering  30 years. The game boasts over 20 different games modes, featuring full 3D effects. You can play with friends via Local Play or Download Play. The game also supports Online Play, allowing you to challenge players from around the world. The game will be sold digitally for a very fair £8.99, and if you’ve yet to experience the magic of Tetris, there’s no better time to invest in this time-consuming gem!

Other new releases made available this Thursday will consist of two DSiWare games. Jewel Quest 4 Heritage is a jewel-swapping puzzler which features all-new modes from the previous games in the series. It will be available from the Nintendo eShop for £7.19, which equals 800 points, if you’re planning to purchase it from the DSi Shop. Break Tactics, a grid-based strategy title is also set for release this week. It will arrive on the Nintendo eShop for £4.49, while costing 500 points when purchased from the DSi Shop.

Other special offers (made available from 06/06) include Wii U Virtual Console title Spelunker (previously £3.49, now £2.39) on offer until 13/06, and Wii U Download Trine 2: Director’s Cut (previously £13.99, now £6.99) on offer until 27/06. Find out if you should splash the cash on the game while it’s cheap by reading our review.

And finally, we will see some permanent price reductions for the following Wii U games:

ZombiU, previously£54.99, now £24.99.

Just Dance 4, previously £39.99, now £29.99.

Ben 10 Omniverse previously £35.99, now £29.99.

Will you be downloading any of these releases this Thursday?


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