Ubisoft talks Rayman Legends’ difficulty and platform-exclusive content

During  a recent press event, Ubisoft has revealed another bulk of details from the upcoming platformer, Rayman Legends. Details regarding difficulty, and platform differences – both technical and in terms of gameplay.


In order of obtaining a similar difficulty level and rhythm to the other versions of the game, the touch level designs have been re-worked on both Wii U and PS Vita. The difficulty has also been toned down for those that struggled with Rayman Origins, the extremely challenging prequel to Legends, highly regarded for its wacky levels and lush 2D world. However, Ubisoft is catering for a wider audience in Rayman’s latest outing, with many more secrets and other challenges will be implemented to keep the more experienced gamers busy, while casuals can enjoy the game without getting overly frustrated.

The man behind Rayman Origins astounding soundtrack also returns for the sequel. It was revealed that Christophe Héral will also have a secret surprise in-store for those who manage to one-hundred percent the game. Even more bonuses were revealed, as the delay of the Wii U version has given extra time for the developers to work on ‘Invasion’ levels, adding a twist to the current existing levels. These are said to be in a similar vein to Super Mario 3D Land’s extra levels. As well as this, new time-attack challenges will be present in the game.

And finally, we learn more about the PS Vita version of the game, which has revealed to identical to the Wii U in terms of gameplay. The PS Vita version will have 5 exclusive ‘touch’ levels, but will be seen running at a smooth-rate just below 60 FPS. The Wii U has been confirmed to run at a solid 60 FPS.

Further details regarding the game’s preview can be found on Gamekult.

Official Nintendo Magazine also released a couple of preview videos on their website a few days ago. These trailers show off two previously unseen levels, as the first video gives us a look at a Wii U-exclusive level, containing elements of stealth, while the second video shows footage of one of the game’s bosses (warning as these may contain potential spoilers).

Sources: Neogaf, Official Nintendo Magazine


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