A third Denpa Men game relies on Beyond the Waves’ success

denpamenRecently, Genius Sonority’s Chihiro Kobayashi took the time to partake in an interview with the folks at Nintendo World Report, discussing the studio’s future plans.

If you enjoyed last year’s The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Japanese studio is interested in returning to the franchise – on the condition that the recently-released sequel, Beyond the Waves, sells favourably in the Nintendo eShop.

NWR: Will there be more Denpa Men games in the future?

CK: We’d sure like to make a another, if many users play and enjoy THE “DENPA” MEN 2.

If you were hoping to see The Denpa Men make the leap from 3DS to Wii U, Genius Sonority currently has no plans to develop for the platform – although with Nintendo being a stockholder in the company, its titles look to remain Nintendo-exclusive for the foreseeable future.

NWR: What are your ties to Nintendo as of right now? Are you only planning 3DS releases as of now?

CK: Nintendo is one of our stockholders.  In short terms, we only have plans for the Nintendo 3DS.

NWR: Do you have any plans for Wii U?

CK: No, but we are strongly interested.

Have you enjoyed The Denpa Men series thus far, and if so, would you like to see more? If you’re intrigued, you can pick up a free demo of the original from the 3DS eShop.

Source: Nintendo World Report


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