Nintendo to sell expanded battery pack for GamePad, new Wii U and Nintendo Land bundles confirmed for Japan


Earlier today, Nintendo confirmed a brand-new hardware bundle, along with some new accessories to improve the Wii U experience. The 32GB White premium Wii U is set to hit Japanese stores July 13th for the cost of 31,500 Yen (roughly £206). Originally, the premium model has only ever been available in black, but it is unknown yet as to whether this new white model will make it overseas.

Those of you unhappy with the GamePad’s battery life will also be pleased to hear that Nintendo’s announced an official battery pack which will boost the battery life by roughly another 8 hours, costing 3,150 Yen (about £20). This will allow more time sat comfortably playing your games on the GamePad, without the need for it to be charged rather frequently. Speaking of batteries, Nintendo has finally announced an official rechargeable battery pack for Wii Remotes, along with a charging dock. The battery and dock come bundled for 4,200 Yen (about £27), or the battery pack can be bought separately for 2,625 Yen (about £17).

Also coming to Japanese stores, will be the new Nintendo Land bundle, which includes a copy of the game with a Wii Remote Plus, for those that didn’t previously invest in a premium model which came bundled with the game, and are in need of extra remotes to join in with the multiplayer shenanigans.


All these accessories, and the Nintendo Land bundle will be released in Japan on July 13th – the same date as the white premium Wii U hits stores. It has yet to be confirmed if any of these items will arrive in other regions, but we will keep you updated regarding announcement from Nintendo of Europe.

Source: Nintendo Japan


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