New Super Mario Bros. U to receive update alongside Super Luigi DLC, adds Pro Controller support


The Wii U Pro Controller, which was bundled with the ZombiU premium pack on the Wii U’s launch has seen support across many third-party games, in an attempt to attract a more ‘hardcore’ userbase. Said to be an enhanced model of the Wii’s Classic Controller, adding extra comfort for a more enjoyable gaming experience, it has yet to have seen support in a first-party game – until now. With the upcoming update for New Super Mario Bros. U, you will be able to use the Wii U Pro Controller to play through the entire game, adding yet another control option for those that don’t feel comfortable with the current control schemes. This patch is set to be released shortly before or alongside the new DLC, so expect the update around June 20th – the day New Super Luigi U will be released on the eShop.

The patch will also allow the New Super Luigi U DLC to be purchased in-game – so no need for your game to be interrupted while loading up the eShop. If you’re not a fan of digital downloads, pre-order the retail release now, which will arrive for a limited time only on July 26th.

Source: Miiverse via Neogaf


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