Capcom confirms Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies as a digital-only 3DS release this Autumn

phoenix_wright_ace_attorney_dual_destiniesCapcom’s announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is heading to Western Nintendo 3DSes in the Autumn, controversially as an eShop-exclusive release in both Europe and North America.

This fifth game in the series is set to take advantage of the 3DS hardware, in that you’ll be able to investigate each crime scene’s “dynamic 3D visuals” to uncover hidden evidence and clues.

Furthermore, the young Athena Cykes will be joining Phoenix Wright, offering her unique ability to psychoanalyse witnesses – introducing the new Mood Matrix, allowing you to detect the emotional state of those you question in court.

Eight years have past since the events of the previous game, as Phoenix Wright goes head-to-head with Gaspen Payne – the brother to previous games’ Winston Payne – in his first case, in which he must solve who destroyed the courtroom in which they’re battling.

To coincide with this announcement, Capcom’s released the first English-language trailer, which you can check out below:


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