The first Toki Tori 2 patch hits Wii U

toki_tori_2Two Tribes has released the first update to Toki Tori 2 in both Europe and North America, fixing a number of bugs, and generally enhancing the game. You can check out the full list of improvements below, or find out what we thought of the game’s opening hour in our preview.

  • Improved the flow of the game after reaching the room with the ‘thing’
  • Added another super-secret area
  • Fixed a bug where Toki Tori was invisible after returning to the game
  • Fades between levels now fade the audio too
  • Simplified the puzzle in the underwater passage
  • Fixed an issue when the Tokidex was completed in the photo room
  • Some back- and foreground elements got a fresh coat of paint
  • When all the collectibles in a level (or the entire game) are collected a melody will play to notify the player
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player completed the game, but the end scene wouldn’t trigger
  • Various level tweaks, based on Miiverse feedback

It’s great to see the indie developer supporting its game post-release, with a level editor and sharing via Miiverse to be added in at a later date.


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