Activision confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts, Wii U logo spotted on official website

call_of_duty_ghostsActivision has confirmed that the the tenth game in its yearly first-person shooter series will be arriving on 5th November. Titled Call of Duty: Ghosts and developed by Infinity Ward, it’s only been confirmed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC thus far, with “next-gen” versions to be revealed later.

The first gameplay footage will be shown off on 21st May, at Microsoft’s unveiling of the next Xbox system. But what about Nintendo fans? Will Activision reveal a Wii U version alongside other next-generation platforms?

If you take a look at – a site that’s seemingly been set up by Activision to promote Call of Duty: Ghosts – you can see the Wii U logo alongside Xbox 360’s and PlayStation 3’s, meaning all hope is not lost for Nintendo fans.

Are you keeping an eye out for the official Wii U unveil?


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