Nintendo 3DS gets three Zelda games in 2013

zelda_a_link_to_the_pastWhile Wii U has a HD remake of Wind Waker, a brand-new Zelda game is heading to Nintendo 3DS this year! Set in the top-down world of A Link to the Past – yet with a brand-new story and dungeons – Nintendo has said that the handheld’s stereoscopic 3D screen will assist players in judging distances between platforms: something that was clearly not possible on the SNES hardware.

Its gimmick sees Link transforming into a paper version of himself, allowing him to stick to walls, and pass through certain objects.

Excited? Before its arrival – presumably during the Christmas period – you can look forward to the Game Boy Color Zelda games Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons arriving on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console service on 30th May


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