Virtue’s Last Reward and Level-5’s Guild01 games get discounted in the eShop this week

fire_emblem_awakeningFollowing last week’s huge eShop sales to coincide with the iDÉAME conference, four Nintendo 3DS games from Level-5 and Rising Star Games are getting the temporary price cut treatment from 18th April.

  • Liberation Maiden Level-5 – £4.49 | €4.99 until 30/05/13
  • Crimson Shroud Level-5 – £4.49 | €4.99 until 30/05/13
  • Aero Porter Level-5 – £2.69 | €2.99 until 30/05/13
  • Virtue’s Last Reward Rising Star Games – £19.99 | €24.99 until 02/05/13

In terms of new releases, Fire Emblem: Awakening is finally set to arrive in Europe at retail and via the Nintendo eShop, although you may want to consider Amazon before downloading a copy for £40.

On Wii U, you can pick up the Virtual Console re-release of Kirby’s Adventure for 30p, and Neko Entertainment’s second Wii U title, Kung Fu Rabbit – as a £4.99 | €4.99 HD port of last year’s iOS/Android game.


Nintendo 3DS Download Software

  • Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo Pixel Toys – £4.99 | €4.99

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

  • Dig Dug Namco Bandai – £3.59 | €3.99

Nintendo DSiWare

  • Forgotten Legions Cypronia – £4.49 | €4.99 | 500 Nintendo Points



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