Neko Entertainment’s Kung Fu Rabbit will frolic onto the Wii U eShop next week – updated with teaser trailer

kung_fu_rabbitMaking the announcement via Twitter this morning, French independent developer Neko Entertainment has revealed that its second Wii U project will hit the Nintendo eShop next week, on 18th April.

Puddle was Neko Entertainment’s first Wii U title, which arrived in the console’s digital store on launch day. It wasn’t the best game available on day one – as we pointed out in our review – although Neko did promise further support for the system following a positive commercial reception.

Kung Fu Rabbit originally released on iOS and Android last year by publisher Bulkypix, although Neko Entertainment’s porting the game to Wii U, naturally with HD graphics, non-touch-screen controls, and controller support for the Wii U Game Pad, Pro Controller, Wii Remote and Classic Controller.

Featuring eighty levels and fifteen upgrades for your rabbit, it seems like there’ll be plenty of content for the asking price – however much that happens to be.

Source: Twitter

Update: Neko Entertainment has revealed that the game will launch across Europe at the reasonable price of €4.99 – which should translate to around £4.49 in the UK. Interested? Check out a teaser for the game’s Wii U release below.

Source: Nintendo Star


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