Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s second update hitting Wii U next Tuesday

monster_hunter_3_ultimateFollowing the day-one patch which added USB keyboard support, Capcom will push a second update to owners of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U next Tuesday – 16th April – in both Europe and North America.

As confirmed by the developer towards the end of February, this update will most significantly make the game playable entirely on the GamePad – a feature that many hunters have been clamouring for since Capcom announced that both 3DS and Wii U games were designed as dual-screen experiences.

From Tuesday, 3 Ultimate’s online servers will also be opened up, allowing cross-regional play between monster hunters in Europe and North America.

Have you been slaying beasts on Wii U? If so, are you pleased to see Capcom’s continued support post-release? Is there anything else you’d like to see added to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, on either Wii U or 3DS?

Still to pick up the game? Purchase it on Wii U or 3DS here.


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