Nintendo celebrates indie game development with huge eShop discounts

nintendo_eshopFrom 11th April, Nintendo and ten independent eShop developers will be commemorating the annual iDÉAME conference, which is held in Spain on Friday and Saturday. As the conference focuses heavily on supporting indie developers and their games, Nintendo will be slashing the prices of thirteen fantastic games in the Nintendo eShop.

From around 2pm on Thursday, here’s the full list of downloadable classics you’ll be able to pick up on the cheap:

Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

  • Mutant Mudds Renegade Kid – £5.39 | €5.99 until 25/04/13
  • Mighty Switch Force! WayForward – £4.09 | €4.49 until 25/04/13
  • Art of Balance TOUCH! Shin’en Multimedia – £4.49 | €4.99 until 25/04/13
  • Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! Shin’en Multimedia – £3.19 | €3.49 until 25/04/13
  • Gunman Clive Hörberg Productions – £1.49 | €1.49 until 25/04/13
  • Dress To Play: Cute Witches! EnjoyUp Games – £1.79 | €1.99 until 25/04/13

Is there anything you’ve been holding out for getting its price cut this week? Let us know which games have tempted you into a purchase with a more appealing price tag!

Further details – including reviews, previews and news stories – can be found be clicking the relevant game’s title above.


One thought on “Nintendo celebrates indie game development with huge eShop discounts

  1. I can heartily recommend you pick up Mutant Mudds and Mighty Switch Force for some good platforming and Art of Balance for some puzzling. Want to pick up Gunman Clive whilst it’s discounted! :D

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