Interview: Retro City Rampage dev talks Wii’s power, Wii U backwards compatibility, and Nintendo’s focus on digital

box_poster_thumbnailRetro City Rampage has finally arrived on WiiWare, some three years after its originally intended release date. Despite countless delays, and the game’s release on other platforms taking precedence over the humble WiiWare version, we’ve caught up with Vblank Entertainment’s proprietor, Brian Provinciano, to briefly discuss all things Nintendo.

Nintendo Invader: How important is a console’s power to an independent developer such as yourself? Did the Wii’s comparatively weak hardware have many implications on Retro City Rampage’s development, or did you enjoy the challenge?

Brian Provinciano: Generally speaking, a console’s power isn’t as important as ease of development. A system with an easy to use development system will result in far better games than something that could outperform everything else but required far more effort to program.

The performance on Wii was not an issue and I didn’t need to optimize anything to run it all at full speed. It was a pleasant surprise!

NI: Are you happy with how backwards compatibility is handled on Wii U, in terms of digital distribution? Would you have liked to see Retro City Rampage in the Nintendo eShop?

BP: It would definitely help if WiiWare games were available directly in the Wii U’s eShop, because as it stands very few gamers realize that WiiWare games can still be purchased on their Wii U if they run Wii mode.

NI: Finally, what are your first impressions of the Wii U? Is it a system you’d like to develop for in the future? Are there any further improvements you’d like to see Nintendo make to the Nintendo eShop, following the huge progress it’s made since the Wii days?

BP: I’m glad to see Nintendo putting more emphasis on digital now. I plan to develop more games for Nintendo platforms in the future, but what those games will be I haven’t yet decided. I’m going to try to take a vacation first and reboot my imagination, see what comes up. I have a ton of ideas for more open world games, but I want to do something different before jumping back into that genre. I need to put myself in a different headspace for the fresh ideas to grow.

As always, it’s great to hear such praise and optimism for Nintendo from a developer with hands-on experience working with the company.

In regards to Retro City Rampage, our WiiWare review will be live very soon, and you can entertain yourself in the meantime by watching the first thirty minutes of gameplay here.

We’d like to thank Brain Provinciano for his time, and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavours.


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