News: European BIT.TRIP fans can expect Runner2 to hit Wii U in April

runner2Despite Gaijin Games’ hopes to launch Runner2 on all platforms simultaneously worldwide, European Wii U-owning fans of the BIT.TRIP saga have seemingly drawn the short straw, with a release date well over a month away.

While it’s out now on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade – with a PlayStation 3 version following tomorrow – Wii U owners can hope to see the game arrive sometime mid-April, “but we don’t have anything 100% concrete yet,” says the indie developer’s Alex Neuse.

It’s news that’s understandably bound to frustrate some, although with the final build seemingly in Nintendo’s hands for approval, it seems there’s nothing Gaijin could’ve done to get the game out in Europe sooner.

Ah well, it’s an excuse to go back to BIT.TRIP Runner – one of WiiWare’s finest.

Source: Gaijin Games


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