News: WiiWare makes a comeback with Retro City Rampage and Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge – This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

BannerAs we reported last week, Vblank Entertainment’s hugely anticipated Retro City Rampage is finally hitting WiiWare on Thursday! For those that haven’t picked up the PC, PS3, Vita or 360 version yet, you can get your hands on the game for 1000 Wii Points (around £7), which includes the console-exclusive “ROM City Rampage” prototype demo of the game. With retro references aplenty, it seems there’ll be plenty to see and do in this “8-bit nostalgic throwback” which “warps open-world carjacking back to the ’80s”; with “over 60 story missions and 40 arcade challenges” for you to indulge in.

Surprisingly, Natsume’s Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge is also making its way to the European Wii Shop Channel, as a 500 Wii Point download. It’s allegedly a “thrilling fishing experience for novices and master anglers alike”, where “you’ll travel to the ocean in this smash-hit fishing game series featuring over 40 missions and 20 kinds of fish to catch”.

And while we’re talking last-generation Nintendo downloads, Microvalue is releasing Easter Eggztravaganza for 500 Points in the Nintendo DSi Shop, and £4.49 in the Nintendo eShop. Its developer promises “captivating mini games such as spot-the-difference, jigsaw puzzles and many more in an Easter Eggztravaganza”. Hm, we’re not sure how captivating those games are to anyone older than four, but who knows, that might be the target audience it’s aiming for.

There’s nothing for Wii U this week, then, but Nintendo’s Splash or Crash is hitting the Nintendo eShop for 3DS at just £2.69. Confirmed for Western territories during the latest Nintendo Direct, you’ll take control of a number of items that are discarded into wells, while it’s “your task to guide its descent, avoid obstacles and stay in one piece until splashdown”.

And finally, Namco’s NES original Pac-Man arrives on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console for £4.49, and if you need us to explain this game to you, then you should probably reconsider your entire gaming career!

That’s all for this week folks, anything for you?


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