News: Aliens: Colonial Marines is still hitting Wii U before April

aliens_colonial_marinesFollowing Aliens: Colonial Marines’ critical acclaim… Okay, we’re kidding. Since Aliens: Colonial Marines launched to almost entirely negative reviews on other platforms earlier this week, rumour had it that SEGA had since delayed the Wii U version ‘indefinitely’.

Simply speaking though, these rumours were wrong, as confirmed by a SEGA UK representative:

“It’s not true. We haven’t announced the release date for it yet but that’s it.”

So now you know – Aliens: Colonial Marines is indeed still on track to launch within the Wii U’s launch window, which means any time before the end of March.

The game on Wii U is supposedly superior than other formats’ versions, thanks to the GamePad’s ability to resemble the films’ scanner. Whether this means the game is actually any good on Wii U remains to be seen.

Source: Eurogamer

You can pre-order the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines here.


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