News: Shibata to host a European ‘Nintendo 3DS Direct’ presentation tomorrow afternoon

nintendo_3ds_directLast month, Nintendo showed off a plethora of upcoming first-party Wii U games via a Nintendo Direct presentation. This month, it’s 3DS’s turn in the limelight, as Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata will host a ‘Nintendo 3DS Direct’ presentation tomorrow – 14th February, at 2pm UK time – keeping us updated on upcoming first- and third-party titles for the three-dimensional handheld.

You can watch the presentation live on Ustream, via Nintendo’s official website; you can follow us on Twitter for live updates, and check back here shortly after the presentation for our usual post-Nintendo Direct content.

We’ll presumably be getting up close and personal with the handheld version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Game Freak’s upcoming Harmoknight, and perhaps on update on Scribblenauts Unlimited’s delay. Is there anything in particular that you’re hoping to hear of?


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