News: Level editor and Miiverse integration heading to Toki Tori 2 post-launch

toki_tori_2Toki Tori 2′s level editor and Miiverse features will be patched into the upcoming eShop puzzler post-launch, in order for the devs to focus on polishing the core gameplay ahead of its Q1/early-Q2 release date.

Via a blog post on its website, developer Two Tribes has also revealed its intentions for cross-platform level sharing with the PC version, and downloading friends’ user-created content directly through Miiverse. While this is extremely ambitious, and such functionality has yet to be seen on Wii U, here’s what was said:

“Some of you will expect the editor to be available at launch: unfortunately, it’s quite a challenge to make a level editor accessible and fun to use. At this point, we’d rather use the time and energy required to polish the core game. But we’ll get around to it later on!

“This ties in with the next Wii U feature we want to tackle. We’re really enamoured with Miiverse, and want to integrate it into Toki Tori 2. Of course, there will be a Toki Tori 2 community, but otherwise, we’re waiting to see what else will be added to the service. What if you could create levels with the level editor, then share them via Miiverse and allow others to open them with a single click? What if this could tie in with levels created in the Steam version? All of this might come true!

Sounds exciting to us! For more details regarding the Wii U version’s Off-TV Play, Tokidex and other GamePad features, we heartily recommend that you check out the full blog post right here.

Here’s a minute of Toki Tori 2 footage we put together last month:

Source: Two Tribes


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