News: Nicalis bringing The 90’s Arcade Racer to Wii U

the_90's_arcade_racerThe 90’s Arcade Racer from Greek indie developer Antonis Pelekanos has garnered the interest of Nicalis, and the US-based publisher will now distribute the game – not only on PC, Mac and Linux as originally intended – but also on Wii U, via the eShop.

Pelekanos had earlier expressed an interest in developing the game for Wii U, although revealed that it wouldn’t be possible without extra funding and manpower. Now that Nicalis is in on the action, here’s what the dev had to say regarding the collaboration:

“There was a simple reason why I started this project, ‘What if a racing game with old school principles was built using today’s technology’. I know we can achieve this goal. Working with Nicalis, we can release on more platforms, including Wii U. Nicalis will also support with Unity programming, physics, tuning and general design and production of the game.”

According to the Kickstarter page, backers will receive their pledge rewards sometime during November or December. Let’s hope that The 90’s Arcade Racer is also out in the eShop before the year is over.

Source: Kickstarter


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