News: Zen Pinball 2 launches its way into the Wii U eShop this week – Full Line-Up

zen_pinball_2Following the array of new content in the European eShops last week, this week’s update is somewhat underwhelming – not least due to a lack of Vblank’s Retro City Rampage, which was apparently “on track” to hit WiiWare in January.

The only original download this week is rather a highly anticipated one, in Zen Pinball 2 for the Wii U eShop. It’s the first “freemium” title to hit a Nintendo platform – hence the delays – but it’s out this Thursday, complete with downloadable Add-On Content packs, which are priced from £2.39 – £7.99, or €2.99 – €9.99.

Wii U launch title Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition finally gets a digital release this week, albeit at the extortionate price of £49.99 / €59.99. If you’re looking to pick this one up, you’d be wise to head over to Amazon, where it’s currently selling at around £20.

Meanwhile on Nintendo 3DS, there’s not even a DSiWare download in sight. In fact, the only new download on offer in your handheld’s eShop this week is a 3D video, costing 89p: The Beet Party: Beet Scratch – which is the first in a series of two-minute clips.

At least we have Zen Pinball 2 to look forward to, right?


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