News: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate release date, demo confirmed

monster_hunter_3_ultimateCapcom’s enhanced port of Wii game Monster Hunter Tri – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – has been given a firm European release date by Nintendo.

Launching simultaneously in HD on Wii U and in 3D on Nintendo 3DS, featuring the first “Cross-Save” features to appear on a Nintendo platform, the epic adventure is set to arrive on 22nd March – in both retail outlets, and via the Nintendo eShop.

And there’s good news for those sitting on the fence, regarding which version they’d like to invest in – on 21st February, demos of both versions will be hitting the Nintendo eShop on both platforms; which will allow aspiring monster hunters to test out twelve weapons from the final game, and task them with defeating Lagombi and Plesioth.

It’s also been confirmed that, unlike the Wii U’s online voice chat-enabled launch games, you’ll be able to use the GamePad’s built-in microphone to chat to fellow gamers, rather than having to plug in a headset to the controller’s headphone jack. This feature will also be available in addition to USB keyboard functionality, which will be available to download via a free patch on launch day.

Have you decided on which version you’ll be picking up yet, or are you waiting for the demos before you make the decision?


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