News: Shin’en working on a Wii U racing game; hopes to release Nano Assault and Jett Rocket on 3DS soon

fast_racing_leagueFor the uninitiated, Shin’en Multimedia has, in recent years, earned itself something of a reputation for developing Wii, 3DS and now Wii U games which are filled with content, have excellent gameplay, and generally look fantastic – all within the respective system’s constraints, with the WiiWare platform being notoriously bad in this respect.

WiiWare’s Jett Rocket, FAST – Racing League and Art of Balance – which also has a sequel in the 3DS eShop – are all recent titles from Shin’en which truly show what the humble Wii hardware can do; but how does a small developer of four do it?

“We just do the best we can. Probably it’s about the focus. With a four man team you are very focused and  you can design any aspect exactly how you imagined it. In a large team everything is filtered through many minds before it gets implemented – for the better and the worse. Probably that is what makes the difference.”

It’s great to hear, then, that Shin’en currently has multiple projects exclusive to Nintendo platforms in the works; perhaps most notably a previously unconfirmed Wii U racer.

“Our next game for Wii U is in the racing genre. We already made very nice progress with it. We will talk more about it in 2013.”

In terms of previously confirmed games, meanwhile, Jett Rocket’s sequel – sub-titled Super Surf – is on track to launch in the 3DS eShop early this year, whilst you can expect the enhanced eShop port of US/Japan-only retail release Nano Assault to arrive worldwide in just a few weeks.

“You can bet there is more from us on Wii U and 3DS. Our 3DS Jett Rocket game is near completion and will be released in early 2013.”

Nano Assault EX is currently at Nintendo for final testing, so the game should be released in a few weeks hopefully. Nano Assault EX is an improved version of the original Nano Assault retail game, with new gameplay modes, Circle Pad Pro support, improved graphics and improved frame rate.”

All said, it’s great to hear of this kind of support for Nintendo systems from such a capable developer. Check out the full interview here for more info from Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner.

Source: Cubed3

UPDATE: Shin’en has confirmed this morning that “Super Surf” was merely the 3DS Jett Rocket sequel’s codename, and has announced that the final game – which is set to launch in the Nintendo eShop within a matter of weeks – will be titled Jett Rocket II – The Wrath of Taikai.

Source: Twitter


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