News: Mutant Mudds Deluxe’s Wii U-exclusive content revealed

mutant_mudds_deluxeWith Mutant Mudds Deluxe set to arrive on the Wii U’s eShop before the end of Q1, it looks as though Nintendo gamers are in for another retro-flavoured treat with what’s surely the final reiteration of the original 3DS gem, before development on its true sequel gets fully underway.

On Wii U, Mutant Mudds will feature each and every level from the updated 3DS game, as well as an exclusive “parallel universe” – which takes the shape of an additional game world; boasting twenty brand new ghost-themed levels, and boosting the total number of stages up to eighty.

The parallel universe – which will unlock as you progress through the core game – will feature a brand-new enemy type – ghosts – alongside ‘ghostified’ versions of previously-seen Mudds. These can only be defeated when Max is in possession of a new power-up, which is known as the “Ghost Shot”.

Whether this would be your first foray into Max’s Mudd-filled universe, or whether you’ve played the game on another platform, does the Deluxe version’s new and exclusive content warrant a purchase from you; or does that depend on price?

Source: Nintendo Force magazine, via Nintendo World Report


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