News: Mutant Mudds and its upcoming sequel could make the jump to retail

mutant_muddsWith Renegade Kid’s 3DS gem, Mutant Mudds, now also available on PC and iOS – not to mention its updated Wii U port which is due out before the end of March – the indie developer has evidently begun work on the sequel; which was confirmed a number of months back.

Alongside the imminent eShop release of Mutant Mudds 2, the studio’s co-founder and designer, Jools Watsham, has expressed an interest in releasing a compilation of both platformers as a 3DS retail release, via Twitter:

“RT if you would buy a Mutant Mudds 1 & 2 combo pack on cartridge for 3DS! :)”

“RT if you would prefer to just grab Mutant Mudds 2 on Nintendo 3DS eShop!”

“The whole Mutant Mudds 1 & 2 on cartridge vs. MM2 on eShop thing is just out of curiosity. Interested to hear what your thoughts are.”

At the time of writing, the former post had twice as many Retweets as the second. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that this means we’ll be seeing Max and his Grannie in stores sometime in the near future!


2 thoughts on “News: Mutant Mudds and its upcoming sequel could make the jump to retail

  1. Seeing as the 3DS carts are so large and MM was so small they could easily put both on 1 cart and gain some goodwill from gamers.

  2. The positive results of Watsham’s Twitter poll must stand for something, and for him to mention it publicly probably means that Renegade Kid would consider it a viable business option… so, I’m hopeful!

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