Happy New Year from Nintendo Invader!

Hi guys, it’s Martyn here. It’s not very often that you hear from me talking in the first-person perspective, in favour of our (whoops, there I go again!) editorial news and review pieces, and as such Nintendo Invader perhaps doesn’t ooze as much personality as some other sites out there – something we have begun to address, but that’s not what this post is about.

Here I am in an entirely personal capacity, with a little New Year’s message for you – whether this is your first visit to Nintendo Invader, or whether you’ve been reading since the beginning:

First of all, I’m sure you’ll all agree that 2012 has been a fantastic year for Nintendo Invader. Since its humble beginnings as a tiny blog the year before – where I forgot about apostrophes, wrote a single, poorly-written review a month after the game’s release, and neglected the site for weeks at a time, before rounding up some irrelevant news stories and blaming it on ‘computer problems’ – having had the opportunity to play and review great games, from the big retail titles such as Kingdom Hearts 3D and New Super Mario Bros. 2, to smaller yet still fantastic download games such as Mutant Mudds and PICROSS e, is something I could only have dreamt of before 2012; and there’s so many people I have to thank for that.

So, here goes: a special, personal thank you from us here at Nintendo Invader, to everyone that’s had even the tiniest input into making the site what it is today – be it through reading and commenting on our news and review posts, replying to us on Twitter, or – if you’re a PR person – for adding us to your press lists and providing us with review copies and codes!

Onwards and upwards in 2013!

I hope you all have a great year!


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